Vendor Quality Clauses

1. Certificate of Conformance (COC) All items must be accompanied by a COC issued by the supplier, certifying that all materials, processes and finished items supplied under the PO conform to the applicable specifications. The certificate shall bear the title, name and signature of the authorized company representative and shall indicate our purchase order number, part numbers, quantities, lot numbers and serial numbers as applicable.

2. Raw Material Analysis and Certification (RAW) Raw materials used in the fabrication of parts as well as all supporting documentation used in the performance of this P.O. shall be fully traceable from the original manufacturer to the supplier in the form of signed Certificate of Conformance documentation. Raw materials shall be traceable to the original manufactures test reports via a numerical link including lot / batch / Mill heat lot numbers as applicable. Raw materials shall conform to and be certified to the latest revision of the required material specification(s) and/or acceptance tests. A copy of the manufacturers certified test/mechanical/chemical report(s) shall accompany each delivery of materials.

3. Limited Shelf-Life Items (S/L) The vendor shall provide with the COC, the expiration date, or date of manufacture, permissible shelf-life, the lot or batch number, storage temperature, and include any other pertinent information relating to the shelf-life of the item supplied. The above shall also appear on the labels of the individual items or containers. The material shall not exceed 25% of total shelf life by the date of shipment.

4. Buyer shall approve design and development control, where applicable.

5. Special Process Requirements & Certification (PC) Process must be performed at Approved/OEM Qualified/NADCAP certified facility, each shipment must be accompanied by a full set of signed certifications for each process performed (i.e.: plating, heat-treat) identifying the part number, quantity, process, and inspection results.

6. First Article Inspection (FAI) FAI may be required prior to delivery of the first production unit, to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the PO and referenced specifications. Individual POs will contain specific requirements pertaining to FA exhibits.

7. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) An MSDS is required for each material in each shipment as applicable.

8. Source Inspection (SI) All work performed under this PO may be subject to inspection at the vendor site prior to shipment. Our representative may elect to perform inspection or test on a random basis or up to 100% inspection.  Vendor shall provide test specimens as required.

9. Packaging, Preservation (PACK) and Product Safety Finished parts shall be adequately protected to prevent damage during production, handling and shipment. Parts shall be wrapped, bagged, or otherwise protected to prevent damage when packaged within a larger pack. The vendor shall be responsible for determining the method of packaging to assure protection during transit.

10. Traceability All Items on the purchase order are subject to Traceability and Inspection Batch (lot) control. Lots are to be of uniform quality which are inspected as a group for acceptance and are fully traceable to raw material sources and their heat lots or manufacturing lots as well as all process operations. Quality records, material and process certifications providing lot control and traceability must be kept on file and available for review by Lam-Tex Composites.

11. Calibration All calibrations must be traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). With standards maintained by a system meeting the requirements of ISO 17025 and ANSI Z540.

12. External Providers.  Vendor shall notify Lam-Tex when using external providers and shall us customer designated or approved providers including process sources.  Vendor shall flow down applicable Vendor Quality Clauses, Terms and Conditions and customer requirements to their external providers.

13. Awareness.  Vendor shall ensure their staff and external providers are aware of their contribution to product and service conformity, product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.

Rev. 2.0  Effective 4/23/18  Approved:  NT